36 Home Products You Need, From Practical To Weird

It’s got six different wash cycles (normal, heavy, glass, speed, eco, and rinse), and the assembly doesn’t even require tools! It comes with an adapter to hook the included hose up to your sink.

Promising review: “My place did not have a dishwasher. I begged the landlord to install one (as most of the units have one), but he’s too cheap. I loathe washing dishes by hand. There were always dirty dishes in the sink. I’ve had this for a couple of months now, and it is one of my best purchases in the past decade. I ran it the night it arrived and have run it virtually every night since. If you follow the directions, you can fit a decent amount inside, but it is what it is: a very compact dishwasher that comfortably fits on the countertop next to the sink, where the dish strainer used to live. It will fit underneath cabinets if they are to code. It’s pretty quiet, except when it expels water into the sink, but that’s only a few seconds a few times during the wash. I have never had to wash anything a second time. Ever. I rinse a little but do not believe in washing the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. I named it (‘Dishy,’ because I am not that creative) and it is now a member of my family. My daughter doesn’t quite grasp why I love it so much, but then again, she is 7 and has never had to do dishes. Personally, I think she’s just jealous that I give it so much attention. If one were to ask me to decide between this and a PS4, I would choose this every time (and I am an avid COD player).” —HoopdySF

Get it from Amazon for $339.99+ (available in two colors).

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